A Visual Take on Reiki for Animals

By December 9, 2016Animal Healing

Following on from my previous post about Reiki for Dogs I felt it was worth putting down in simple terms how the system of reiki can benefit all animals. Sometimes it’s worth going into the finer details of how something works or why it’s great but this time I felt inspired to keep it simple.

Hence this post is all about visually breaking it down in simple terms. It was an enjoyable few hours planning this infographic and finding the right words and images to explain how reiki can help animals. Using Adobe Photoshop I brought all the elements together and tried to keep it clean yet informative.

Animal reiki can help on so many levels it is hard to mention them all in a graphic like this. I find it is particularly useful in helping pets overcome anxiety and stress, however they arose in the first place. It can also help with aggression, depression and even behavioural issues (which often stem from stress and emotional problems anyway).

Of course reiki is also helpful for pain relief, whether this is recovery from an injury or an illness.

One of the great things about the reiki energy system is that it doesn’t have to be hands-on. Using visualisation and the distant healing reiki symbol we can direct the energy from afar, meaning those animals in need of work that are out of reach can still be treated. I have plenty of clients who can testify to the effectiveness of distance reiki for animals.

So without further ado, here is my first infographic for Talking to Animals…

Reiki energy healing for animals infographic


Please feel free to share this infographic and help spread the word that we can help our animal friends with this complementary and holistic therapy – it’s not just us humans that can benefit from reiki sessions!

Drop a comment below if you have an experience with reiki, I’d love to hear it.

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