Animal communication readings

Please fill out the form on this page to book your animal communication session for your pet. Each session is £30 and can take around an hour. All you have to do is send me a photo of your pet (or horse), fill out the questions and make the payment. This is handled by Paypal after you submit the form and helps with training fees, books and marketing to further improve my animal communications. When I have finished the communication I will email you back with the information I received. I will always do my best and will let you know if I cannot make a connection for some reason. Please fill in the form and give me a few days to get back to you.

If you can, upload a clear photo of your pet, this will help me make a better connection.
You can ask 5 questions and there is another section where you can add further information.

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Inter-species communication

You can read more about how it works on the animal communication homepage.

The skill of animal communication and the information received during sessions does not replace medical diagnosis, treatment or training for your pet companion. I am neither a medical practitioner nor a vet, and I do not offer medical advice, diagnose, treat or prescribe medical conditions. Please contact your animal’s medical caregiver for all health concerns and a qualified trainer for training concerns.

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Only £30 per reading

Unfortunately, for the time being, I cannot take any more animal communication sessions on. This is only for a short time so please do check back soon or sign up to my newsletter. I look forward to connecting with your furry friends in the near future!