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5 Hilarious Dog Videos to Make You Smile

By September 25, 2014February 8th, 2016Just for fun

As an animal communicator I naturally have a love of every creature on this planet, even spiders (although not too close to me thanks!).  I have grown up with dogs so they always have had a soft spot in my life. My current two lurchers keep me smiling and exercised, so I thought I’d trawl through Youtube and dig out some of the funniest dog videos out there. If you need a smile today then these videos will certainly do the trick!

Funny Dogs Playing in Leaves

Dogs can be just like kids, making fun with anything at all. Watching these dogs playing in the raked leaves is a good reminder to make the best of life. Sometimes we don’t need expensive things to enjoy ourselves!

The Sliding Doberman

This crazy dog loves nothing more than hurtling down the water slide into the swimming pool, over and over again! My lurchers run inside the house if I even pick up the hose in the garden!

The Best Dog Trick Ever!

Talk about concentration and patience! What a clever, well trained dog – and look how pleased he is with himself at the end. Bravo!

Weird and Crazy Dogs

A compilation of funny dogs doing funny things. That just about sums it up!

Talking Dogs

As an animal communicator I know for sure that dogs can talk to you, but this vocal method is so funny – make sure you have the sound turned up for this video!


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