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A Heartwarming Story of Animal Communication

By December 17, 2013May 19th, 2016Proof it works

Watch this video. Really! It shows how we can communicate with other species and help them to overcome fears and past experiences. The popular video involves a beautiful black leopard who has been rescued but is still not approachable due to past experiences with humans. Cue Anna Breytenbach, an animal communicator who has dedicated her life to interspecies communication. What happens next is incredible…

I love the way the owner of the sanctuary, a typical big burly man is a bit skeptical but willing to give it a go as a last resort, and then is reduced to tears when he hears what Anna Breytenbach picks up from Diablo the leopard. It’s really heart-warming stuff and brought a tear to my eye I must admit!

The Animal Communication Video

This is just a small part of a longer animal communication video that shows how Anna connects with a variety of species, including monkeys, birds and deer. Her readings are incredibly accurate and provide information that she couldn’t possibly know otherwise. What is also interesting is the tracker she works with who follows an animal’s trail by using an intuitive method that allows him to ‘feel’ the animal and be drawn to the direction of the creature. Thankfully he doesn’t track animals to harm them, merely as a challenge. That is how Anna first found herself connecting with animals when she was tracking. It then opened up her talents and now she communicates with all species and even gives talks around the world spreading awareness of our animal friends plight.

anna breytenbach animal communicator

You can find out more about Anna on here website at Animal Spirit

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