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Amelia Kinkade – The Language of Miracles Book Review

By February 2, 2015May 19th, 2016Learning Animal Communication

The Language of Miracles - Amelia KinkadeSince experiencing my first animal communication I have been unable to stop myself from finding out more about this incredible skill. I’ve been on a few workshops, watched some youtube videos and bought some pet psychic books, one of which is ‘The Language of Miracles’ by Amelia Kinkade. For those who have not read it yet, I thought I’d write up a review of the book because, well… it’s simply wonderful!

If you have wandered into the world of animal communication you may well have come across Amelia Kinkade. She is one of the world’s most popular animal communicators and has made a name for herself all over the world. From helping thousands of animals across our planet to taking animal communication workshops and writing books, Amelia seems like one of those lucky people who has an abundance of energy!

The Language of Miracles follows on from her first book ‘Straight from the horses mouth’ and is a funny, inspiring and informative read that takes the reader on a journey through Amelia’s experiences as a pet psychic and her thoughts on how it all works, with references to a certain astronaut, Dr Edgar Mitchell. Yes that’s right, NASA are involved. No, it’s not a conspiracy… Ameila touches on the scientific evidence that supports the notion of telepathy and communication with all animal species. Dr Mitchell is obviously a very clever chap, and his understanding of quantum mechanics has allowed Amelia to put a scientific perspective in place. I won’t go into quantum mechanics right now but it does sound very interesting, if a little hard to comprehend!

The book begins with Amelia talking to some of the horses at Buckingham Palace of all places, and tells us about an incredible communication with a horse called Captain. The horses assistant is gobsmacked and that sets the tone for a book which constantly makes your jaw hit the floor as her telepathic communication with animals is verified over and over again by the animal’s human guardians.

Animal Communication Tips

Amelia shares a few basic but useful techniques to help you communicate with your own animals, together with a list of useful questions you can ask them. This was particularly useful to me as it helps to give you some focus rather than wondering what to ask them. There are some meditation guides you can try too, although they are a few pages long and I’m not sure how you can do this without memorising it!

Sharing her knowledge is something Amelia clearly loves, and she understands the need for more animal communicators in the world. She says we need more compassion and understanding between species if we are to survive together and prosper as a connected world. Not only can we help the animals, but they have important wisdom for us humans too, and they can be great teachers and guides for our lives.

Easy to read

What I especially love about this book is the way Amelia makes even the most complicated things seem easy to understand. She has a way with words that enables the reader to not only comprehend the techniques, but also have fun whilst reading the book. You can tell Amelia is a fun-loving type who enjoys being an animal communicator. Her enthusiasm is infectious and makes the chapters thoroughly engaging and a joy to read. It’s one of those books where you just want to keep turning the pages!

The Language of Miracles is an engaging and entertaining book that will change the way you look at all animals. As a pet owner it will open your mind to the possibilities available. As a practicing animal communicator it is an important addition to your expanding knowledgebase that will help you develop a deeper understanding of communicating with animals. I really would recommend it to anyone who is an animal fan and open to talking to animals.

You can find out more about Amelia Kinkade at her website

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