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Animal Communication FAQ

Animal communication can be a hard concept to get your head around. We have been educated that things like telepathy are something that can’t be true and yet there is plenty of scientific evidence to support that it does exist. Interspecies communication is yet another step out of our comfort zone but as you are reading this you probably already have an open mind, so here are a few questions you may have about how I work as an animal communicator and what is possible when talking to your animals. If your question doesn’t get answered here please feel free to drop me a line via the contact page.

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inquisitive dog tilting head in garden

Your questions about talking to animals

Can you communicate with animals that have died?
Many people come to me when their beloved pet has passed on, hoping to find things out about them and to let them know how much they were loved. In my experience there is no difference with communicating with animals that are alive or those that have passed over. The emotions and feeling may be more serene but the information still comes through. Remember, I am connecting to the true essence of an animal with communications, so you might call it the soul or spirit of an animal. When the physical body dies, the spirit remains.

Do animals reincarnate?
Yes I strongly believe they do, just as humans do too. Communicating with animals that have passed over is possible and I can still receive information that would be impossible to know if I wasn’t connecting with their spirit. There are many examples of children who remember past lives and they have been verified down to the finest details. If we can incarnate, why not animals? After all, humans are animals too! For instance, cats share 90% of homologous genes with humans, so we’re pretty similar.

What is the Rainbow Bridge?
The Rainbow Bridge is effectively an imaginary place where our beloved pets go when they die. People call it that because it conjures up a beautiful bridge that crosses over to the other side, where our animal friends can run and play with all their old pals in fields of green, eating the finest foods and without a care in the world. It’s inspired by a poem that was written in the 1980’s, author unknown. It can give pet owners who are grieving a sense of relief and something positive to think about. I think in some strange way there is something like that out there. When communicating with deceased animals there is no pain or worry in them, and they have a very spiritual wisdom that most creatures alive do not have.

How is the information received?
When making a telepathic connection with animals the information comes back to me in many ways. Often pictures will flash up in my mind to show something the animal wants me to see, or it could be more like a short video. It can also come through as words and sentences. This is not like hearing an animal’s voice in my head! It’s more like the words are just ‘there’ as if they have been downloaded into my consciousness. It can also come through as emotions, so if an animal is full of life I will feel an excitement in my body, or if the pet is unwell I might feel the pain in the affected area.

The information comes through as words, pictures and emotions

grey cat lay down enjoying some healing and relaxation

It doesn’t matter what country they’re from or what kind of creature, we are all connected.

But cats don’t speak our languages!
Good question! So how can pet communicators understand what they’re saying? Think of it this way – you type up a text message on your phone and click send. That then gets changed into radio waves to be sent across the world. Your friend’s phone picks the signal up and translates it into something they can understand. So when we’re communicating with pets telepathically we’re receiving information in the form of feelings. Our brain translates these into words, pictures and emotions we can understand. So if I communicate with a dog in Spain it gets translated into something I can understand. And it’s worth noting that back in 2012 group of prominent neuroscientists, including Dr. Stephen Hawking, signed a proclamation declaring human and animal consciousness alike. It’s called the Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness. Read more here.

Is it just pets you can talk to, or wild animals too?
Telepathic communication is not just constrained to domesticated animals at all. Wild animals are receptive too but of course you can’t always get the validation back like you can when working with a human’s pet. I could ask a wild lion what his favourite food is and nobody would be able to say if that’s true or not. Whereas, for example, a lady asked me what her dog’s favourite food was and I instantly got the word ‘carrots’ pop into my head and she confirmed it was his favourite and he had them every night.

How do you know it’s real?
Simply because you can receive information intuitively that could only be got that way! When you have a dog describe to you the inside of a house as if you have been inside it, then the human says that’s spot on, you know it truly works. It’s great when people get back to you saying things are eerily accurate and ask ‘how did you know that?’. There have been too many amazing things happen to even contemplate it isn’t real.

What kind of questions should I ask my pet?
The main aim of an animal communication reading is to help your pet. By doing this you will improve your quality of life together too, so think about the kind of questions that will help bring this about. Some people just want to find out more about their animals, so you could ask what their favourite food is, where their favourite walk is, what they like and dislike. If your pet has emotional or behavioural issues let me know as we can try and get to the bottom of them, finding out why it is happening and what can be done to fix them. When you book an animal communication session with me think of the questions you want answers for in advance, so you are ready.

How does a session work?
It’s actually really simple. Just follow the link at the bottom of this page to visit the booking page. From there choose one of the session types and fill in your details. We can do it via email or over the phone. All I need to connect with your animal is a good quality photo (preferably showing their face), their name and you name. I use the photo to tune into them and the name just reinforces the connection. Of course I also need payment for the session (I have bills to pay just like everyone!) which can be done online through the secure Paypal system, using a card or a Paypal account if you have one. You will get refunded if I cannot connect to your pet for whatever reason.

Everyone can talk to their animals with practice!

Can you teach me how to talk to animals?
Everyone has the ability to communicate with the animals. It’s not a special gift that only some people have. Hopefully one day I will do some animal communication classes in the UK but for now I would suggest starting off with one of the many animal communication books that are available online. From there you can then find an animal communication workshop in your local area. This will give you a great opportunity to learn alongside others from professional animal communicators who can guide you through the various techniques and exercises to help develop your intuitive skills.  You will find animal communication classes are really inspiring and you can make some great connections and friends.

Can you help find lost pets intuitively?
Finding lost pets psychically is not something I do right now. Some animal communicators specialise in finding lost pets but it can be a very difficult skill and emotionally draining. Of course it does work so if you need help finding a lost animal then have a look for an animal communicator who offers this.

How can an animal communication reading help my pet?
The possibilities are endless! Animal communication readings help you to understand your furry friend in ways you couldn’t normally. It could be something simple like you want to know what their favourite toy is, what they love to do best, what their favourite food is, or maybe what they dislike, so you can change things to make them happier. Pet communications can also be used to help with emotional and behavioural issues. So if your dog barks at specific dogs whilst out walking we may be able to find out the source of that barking. Sometimes it can just be healing for the animal to finally be listened to. Imagine if you were a dog and you needed something but your human couldn’t understand. Just for someone to hear your needs can make such a difference to an animal, both emotionally and physically.

brown horse enjoying a telepathic communication

This horse is the beautiful Dougal, I have communicated and offered him Reiki. He’s a lovely soul.

Are you an animal or horse whisperer?
I have been called that many times but the reality is that animal communicators and horse whisperers are not the same. We work on a telepathic level to help animals whereas animal whisperers, dog whisperers etc use the body language of the animal to understand the animal. There are some great horse whisperers out there who do a great job but it’s not what I do. If you have stables you could hire a horse whisperer and them an animal communicator to see the difference. They will help in different ways.

Is an animal communicator the same as a pet psychic?
Yes, basically the term pet psychic is the same thing but more commonly used in the USA. Other names would be ‘animal psychic’, ‘pet communicator’, ‘psychic animal communicator’, ‘animal intuitive’ and ‘interspecies communicator’. They are all different ways to name the same thing, so if you find a pet psychic on the internet they will be giving you the same session as an animal communicator. However, some pet psychic readings will just be that – one way readings, whereas a telepathic pet communication is a two way session and can sometimes even involve you.

What training have you done to become an animal communicator?
As mentioned previously, I am not a natural born telepath so I had to learn the techniques involved and practice, practice, practice. Anyone can learn it and the more people who do, the more animals we can help and bring awareness to the world. Initially I found a day workshop in my local area with the Animal Matters team. I then followed that up with an animal communication training workshop (ACT1) with one of the UK’s most respected communicators, James French, and another workshop with Pea Horsley. After practicing with many animals over the next couple of years I took the advanced animal communication course (ACT2) which is an intensive development practice that not only deepens your intuitive skills but also shows you how to do it professionally. So thankfully I have learnt from some wonderful animal communication teachers here in the UK that have enabled me to really understand the processes and develop the interspecies communication.

What if I don’t think you have connected to my pet?
Rarely does this happen, but it happens to every animal communicator sometimes. What you need to understand is that animals have free will too. Just imagine if you walked down the street and tried to strike up a deep conversation with 10 people. How many would enter into a conversation with a stranger and how many would be too busy or unwilling to discuss things with you? Sometimes it just takes a bit of patience, especially if the animal has come from an abused past. I always work with love, compassion and patience, and this can go a long way to encouraging a pet to open up.

If you feel I have not made a good connection with your animal I can try another session later in the week. You can of course choose to have a refund instead. If I am struggling to get much information back from your pet I will tell you. I would much rather say I can’t get a connection than make things up! That’s not the way I work and I’d hope other animal communicators work with that integrity too. Sometimes an animal will not want to connect, but it’s very rare. Sometimes you might have more than one pet and I may be picking up information from one of the others – they can sometimes butt in!

Can you help diagnose illnesses in my pet?
No, I never diagnose as I am not a vet and most times I will be working at a distance from your pet. Animal communications are not here to replace veterinary advice, and if your pet has an illness you should seek their help first. As a pet communicator I can look out for signs of illness but if I pick up on something it is purely for you to look into the issue with your vet. I might feel a pain in a certain leg or an aching in the mouth, perhaps a sickness in the stomach, but I will not and cannot diagnose what the problem is. It is up to you to follow up the information I provide if you so wish. Sometimes during a pet reading things will come up which may not have been picked up in a checkup so it can provide useful information.

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