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Follow the Animal Love at Pinterest

By January 27, 2015Just for fun

Pinterest animal communicators

I’ve just started an account over on Pinterest which is something that can be quite addictive once you start seeing all those great pictures! Already I have seen many animal lovers and animal communicators so it’s a great way to meet like-minded people and share awesome photos of animals.

I have added the Pinterest widget to my blog sidebar so you can see all my latest ‘pins’ but please do visit my Pinterest boards at to enjoy the pictures in their best light. I’ve setup several boards to categorise animals and subjects, with everything from ‘For the love of cats’ to ‘Animal communication’ itself. There is even a board for ‘Inter-species communication’ which shows animals communicating with each other – sometimes in the most unexpected circumstances too!

If you don’t know what Pinterest is or have never heard of it, I’ll give you a brief idea so you can chooose whether it’s something to look at or not. Basically you can register for a free account. From there you can search and when you find an image you like, you ‘pin’ it to one of your boards. Or you can ‘like’ it or share it across social media platforms. It’s essentially like putting pictures you find in a digital scrapbook. You can of course share and pin images you find on websites too, rather than just ‘re-pinning’ images already on Pinterest.

Looking at all the great animal pins that are available on Pinterest reminds me how beautiful these creatures are. The images show animals in stunning poses, cute poses and just about any other pose you can think of! There are some hilarious animal memes and animated gifs too. I find it’s really easy to log into Pinterest and then realise I’ve been on there for far too long! If you have a Pinterest account let me know and I will follow you back.


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