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A Journey into Animal Communication Training

Learning animal communication is a journey

It may seem like I have been focussing on animal reiki lately in my last few articles, and it’s true this is something I have become very passionate about. It is an incredible therapy that yields some profoundly positive effects on our pets. However, in the background I have also been putting a lot of time into perfecting my animal communication skills which I will go into more detail about shortly. So what have I been doing exactly?

For several years now I have been learning and offering animal communication readings and had the pleasure of helping many people and their pets all over the world. That’s one of the great things about the technique, all an animal communicator needs is a photo and a name and it is often enough to tune into them. So distance is not an issue for pet communication sessions.

Bridge into a forest

A journey into a new world

One thing a lot of people don’t realise about animal communication training is the sheer amount of effort, training and practice involved in getting to a level where you can provide a professional service for people. Sure, some people find they are naturally gifted communicators, but I think even then most will need a professional structure in place and advice about how to turn this skill into something that can earn you a wage responsibly.

I am not in the business of taking people’s money and providing a shoddy service. If I cannot connect to your pet for whatever reason, I will refund you. My integrity and compassion for all animals ensures I always strive to do my best with any animal therapy I offer. That’s why I have studied so much over the last few years.

I have had to invest a lot of my time and money into becoming a professional animal communicator. This has involved reading many books on the subject, attending several workshops, practicing on many animals and getting feedback from the human carers.

The other aspect you have to do is look after yourself. When you get into this type of work there is a lot of self development that occurs as you take steps on your journey. Challenges come up in many ways and it is sometimes hard to get through, but those who persevere gain a new found communication skill that can transcend boundaries.

Over the years I have enjoyed training with many professional animal communicators such as Sue and Elaine at Animal Matters, Pea Horsley and James French. It was with James where I decided to pursue my animal communication training so I enrolled on his ACT2 workshop. This is a professional animal communication course which involved 2 weekend sessions in Surrey split up by a solid month of case study work.

James has a wonderful way of explaining the process in simple terms and is very approachable. He is regarded as one of the UK’s best animal communicators and spends a lot of his time offering training these days thanks to the way people are becoming more open to interspecies communication and wanting to learn it.

The ACT2 course is really intensive training thanks to James’ very high standards he insists on. After many case studies we then had to complete 4 assessments with examiners who were professionals in their fields. There was a vet, an animal trainer, a behaviourist and an animal welfare officer. These communications were done over the phone using a photograph and a 90% pass rate for accuracy and effectiveness was required for each one!

Cow enjoying a quiet morning

All the training was worth it

The course took around a year to complete in all but I am very happy to say I am now a qualified animal communication practitioner.

I now offer animal readings over the phone or Skype, which allows you to ask questions as they come up, and is a more open, free-flowing connection between us and your animal friend. Sometimes, especially if your animal has just passed away, you may find it too emotional to do this over the phone, so I also offer pet readings via email. It works the same way but the questions are set and I ask those of the animal specifically. Of course I do try and pick up on any other issues your animal may be facing at the time too. As a pet communicator it is important to try and find out how you can help the animal in the most effective way. Sometimes a person will not ask the right questions for their pet as they are not aware of what it needs at that moment in time.

Communicating with animals and animal reiki are great ways to help your pets, whether they are dogs, cats, horses or rabbits. They are complementary therapies and should never be used instead of veterinary advice. Pet communicators work alongside your vet’s suggestions and we don’t diagnose.

Our aim is to help you understand your pets better, build a stronger relationship and to help keep them balanced holistically through mind, body and spirit.

If you would like to book a pet reading please visit my animal communication page where you can fill in your details and arrange a session. I look forward to connecting with you and your animal friend!

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  • Ilona says:

    Can you recommend some book about Animal Communication? Which are the best? 🙂

    • Hi Ilona, yes there are some great books to help you on your journey with animal communication. I learnt a lot from ‘The Language of Miracles: A Celebrated Psychic Teaches You to Talk to Animals’ by Amelia Kinkade. Also ‘Communicating with Animals: How to tune into them intuitively’ by Margrit Coates is worth a read. Try also to find an animal communication workshop near you – they are fantastic for learning in a group and being able to ask questions you might have during the day. Good luck!

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