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My Background as an Animal Communicator

By February 8, 2012September 3rd, 2019Learning Animal Communication

Right now I’m not a full-time animal communicator as the reading I offer are free and I have a day job to do to keep the wolves from the door. One day I would like to be able to do this on a full-time basis but until that day comes I’m just doing it when I can fit it in between family life and work.

So what is my background as an animal communicator? Well, I’m a bit different to many communicators I have come across. I have read several books, forums and websites of other animal communicators and most of them tell of how they have been able to do it since they were very young. I wish I was one of those lucky people who could do it without realising but that’s not the case. Some people find it natural and easy to do and others have to learn it. In fact, it would be better to say ‘re-learn’ it as we all had the ability early in life, it’s just that modern life suppressed the telepathic abilities.

I’ve learnt animal communication from various resources over the last couple of years. It began with purchasing the introduction cd’s of James French, which I can highly recommend buying. This gave me a good understanding of how animal communication works and what techniques can be used.

I then found an animal communication course on the internet which was being held about 3 miles from my home! Talk about a sign! This was held by Elaine and Sue at Animal Matters. It was only a day course but being in the same room as other communicators, and some dogs seemed to help enormously and I was lucky to have great success with the readings.

I’ve since been doing some readings on internet forums and for some other friends and things are going really positively.

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