With animal communication, reputation is everything...

Animal Communication Testimonials

Talking to animals is something out of the ordinary so people are often wary. Here are some real testimonials from real people. More to follow…

Oh, and it’s worth mentioning, these animal photos are not from the people in question – I just think they are lovely pictures that spice the page up!

happy dog
sleeping cat with toy

animal communication newsletter

“How wonderful for me to know that my dog, Max, was excited to hear I wanted to communicate with him!  He said he had friends there, one of them Sammy.  Sammy, my dog, passed several years ago and had never met Max.  He also said he was now free from pain.  Jason mentioned a “cart wheel in front of an entrance” and I couldn’t place it until the following day.  The cartwheel is in reference to the old horse buggy in front of my vet’s office!  Max also said to continue listening to music, which I found strange.  I never played music in the house.  But since Max’s passing, I have been listening to relaxation CD’s in hopes of communicating with him someday!  Thank you, Jason!”

“Lol well done and thank you. Glad Eddie approves!  Yes I have a frame with lots of photos of the beach on a wall and two paintings I did of the sea. It’s so lovely to hear from him again! U doing well:)”

“Thank you so much Jason… what a great communication !!!!”

“The other things you said were eerily accurate too…”

“I have asked Jason to do readings for two of my dogs, both with specific health problems that Jason had no idea about.  He picked up on both of them.

He said that Lily was hurting a little bit when she passed urine – Jason wasn’t to know that she had a urine infection!  Also said that she preferred living here and the air was cleaner.  Again Jason was not to know that we had moved a couple of years ago from a very industrial English town to a cottage on a hillside in the Highlands of Scotland.  Can’t get much cleaner! Jason said that Solo had pain in the right hip and a slight limp on the left hind leg.  Solo has some degree of hip dysplasia and has always had a weak left hind leg.  Jason said ‘quirky character and fairly laid back and relaxed in nature’.  That could not be more true.
I will be using Jason again and I will be recommending him to everyone I know.”

“You’re amazing! Great work, Jason, and thank you.”

“Thank you for communicating with Jack – you did very well indeed!”

“Jason, your reading gave me goose bumps.  You were spot on with a lot of your comments.”

“Thank you so much for talking to Tinker, you clearly made contact as I could hear his voice in everything you told me and the insights you gave me will really ensure that he has a happy and fulfilling life.”

“I found the reading that Jason did for my dog to be very accurate. He picked up on several daily activities and places that we go to. Describing them in quite good detail. He also picked up on things that Bear loves to do but also things that he does not like, such as loud noises, especially motorbikes. I find it quite amazing that Jason got this and much more from a few emailed photos. He had no idea where we live and has never met either myself or Bear! A brilliant insight in to the mind of my dog!”